Field of Glory

Field of Glory: the Card Game


A quick-playing ancients card game for two players based on Slitherine's best selling ancient miniatures war game.

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Treefrog is proud to announce the release of Field of Glory: the Card Game, in co-operation with Slitherine. Field of Glory is the best selling ancient miniature rules set as designed by Richard Bodley Scott. The card game takes its inspiration from these rules to create a quick-playing ancients game for two players.

Field of Glory Card Game cards


9 Terrain Cards
48 Red Army Cards
48 Blue Army Cards

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 14.38.30The game is set around the period of the Second Punic War. Each player has an identical set of Army cards, from which he will select those he wishes to fight with. The battlefield is divided into five columns and to win you must control three of these, or inflict more damage on your opponent than you have suffered when the game ends.

Download the rules (PDF)

Field of Glory Card Game


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